international photo campaign

This year the organization “Rīgas brīvostas padome” (Council of Riga Free Port) is organizing the international photo campaign “PORT.MAN.HISTORY” to honour the 815th anniversary of the Port of Riga. The campaign takes place in the territory of the Freeport of Riga and in the water area of Daugava up to the Railway bridge.

The campaign aims to create a documentary photo archive by collecting historic photos of the Freeport of Riga and recording port life today, where the everyday life, rhythm of work, historic development and achievements of the port will be reflected. As a result of the campaign, a photo exhibition will be created in the Riga urban environment in November 2015, as well as a number of exhibitions what will travel across the world, documentary film, hard cover photo album, and a book with the Most popular photos taken during the campaign and historical photos as well.

The organizers emphasize that the main focus of the campaign is the people working at the port, from dockers to train drivers to captains. People are the greatest wealth and value of the port. Due to the people and their hard work, the Freeport of Riga has become the leading port in Northern Europe.

Both internationally recognized foreign and Latvian professional photographers, and all Latvian photo enthusiasts, are invited to participate. They can take photos of the port’s everyday life and send historical photos of the port.

The international photo campaign “PORT.MAN.HISTORY” has two stages.

The first stage “PORT.HISTORY” runs from the 7th to 21st September 2015, when all photo enthusiasts, interested persons and professional photographers can participate by sending their photos reflecting the history, development and life of the Freeport of Riga.

All photos will be uploaded and displayed on the homepage of the campaign www.ostacilveksvesture.lv (active link to where the photos will be available), and divided into three thematic categories:

  1. The oldest photo taken of the Freeport of Riga
  2. The surprising port
  3. A photo story about the Freeport of Riga and its people

The second stage “PORT.MAN” runs from 21-27 September 2015, when foreign and Latvian professional photographers, as well as Latvian photo enthusiasts, can take photos of the life, work and people in the port across a wide range of topics over a week.

During the second stage of the photo campaign, professional photographers, as well as photo enthusiasts and interested persons can participate in another photo competition with photos taken during the photo campaign at the Freeport of Riga in the following categories:

  1. Portrait. Person
  2. Photo story
  3. Port landscape

All enthusiasts wanting to take photos at the port should have special permits, which can be obtained by agreeing with organizers of the campaign and apply electronically by 18 September 2015 5:00 p.m.

All photos submitted for the competitions will be evaluated by a jury. The winners of both competitions will be announced by 19 October 2015. The winner of each campaign stage category will receive EUR 1000, while second and third place will win an Apple iPad tablet or iPhone series 6.

The most popular photo of the second stage of the photo campaign will also be selected by vote on the campaign homepage at www.ostacilveksvesture.lv and social media websites of the campaign. This voting will take place from the 28th September to 11th October 2015. The photographer of the most popular photo will receive a special award from the organizers.

All those interested in the terms and conditions and technical preconditions of “PORT. PERSON. HISTORY” should visit terms and conditions. A map of the area of the photo campaign is available here.

Campaign practical organization and coordination provides the studio "Imagine".


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