Foreign Photographers

Sergey Kivrin
A photojournalist, acknowledged as one of Russia’s best sports photographers. He is admired, in demand and trusted my many clients from all over the world. Sergey’s archive holds reports from global crisis, portraits of celebrities, urban landscapes, advertising images and, of course the sporting world. He works with the “Associated Press”, “Reuters”, “Agence France – Presse”, “Eastern Network”, “The Los - Angeles Times” and “The New York Times” as well as the best Russian and international magazines. He has won numerous international photo contests, including “ADIDAS – AIPS – CANON” (France), “World Press Photo” (Holland), “Humor Photo” (Belgium), and “NIKON” (Japan). His exhibitions are held in fashionable showrooms around the world annually.
Alexander Gronsky
A renowned Landscape photographer, he is well known for his photography of Russian landscape. Photography works from a number of Alexander’s solo exhibitions have been awarded prestigious prizes and are published in a book, „Pastoral” (2013). He also works for advertising agencies, corporations and humanitarian organizations. He was awarded the “World Press Photo” (2012), “Prix Photographique Ville de Levallois-Epson” (2011), „Foam Paul Huf Award”, “Silver Camera Grand Prix”, Moscow (2010) and many others. He has had exhibitions in Tokyo, Paris, Moscow, New York, Amsterdam and iBogota (Columbia).
Markus Marcetic
Filmmaker, photographer and producer in various media formats, he has worked for Swedish and international press, companies and NGO's including “The Independent”, “GEO”, “Forbes”, “Discovery”, “Le Monde”, “The Fader”, “Courrier International”, “Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences”, “Bloomberg”, “MSF”, and “Libération”. Markus is also an experienced editor working for daily newspapers and has edited and curated a number of photo books and exhibitions. He also took part in the "One day in Latvia" - project.
Xavier Lambours
Xavier Lambours is an accomplished cinematographer and classic photographer, his style often being refrerd to as fierce or cruel. He has photographed François Truffaut, Lillian Gish, Anthony Perkins, Martin Scorsese, Jeanne Moreau, Robert De Niro, and many others. He has been an official photographer for many film festivals and has been the official photographer of the film festival of Locarno, Switzerland, for seven years. At the same time, he continues his career as a reporter and a portraitist working in the press, “Géo” and “Les Cahiers du Cinéma” among others.
Stefan Jermann
Stefan Jermann Switzerland
Photographer and art director based in Zürich, Switzerland. He enjoys exploring faces, souls, places, early morning dust, innovative concepts, typography done well, limited edition books, the story behind the story, his sailboat. Stefan works with brands like “Forbes Magazine”, „BMW”, „Mercedes Benz”, „Credit Suisse” and others.
Guo Qun
Guo Qun is editor of International News Department of Xinhua News Agency, correspondent of Moscow branch Of Xinhua News Agency, correspondent of Moscow branch Of Xinhua News Agency and correspondent of Riga branch of Xinhua News Agency.
Janek Skarzynski
Mainregional photographer for "Agence France - Presse". His photography work is availablein all largest international media sources. Janek is a photographer, who can beexcited with projects involving different visions and experiences.
Hans Engels
Freelance photographer in Munich, Germany. Architecture and its history is his focus since 30 years, cultural motion of the societies are reflected in his photographs. International exhibitions showed his work over Europe, Africa, Amerika and Asia. In Riga Harbour he will be searching the decline of the former Soviet Architecture.
Stig Stasig
Stig Stasig (1961) is a Copenhagen based photographer & artist. He runs a fully equipped workshop specialized in high quality photogravure & large format digital giclée/pigment printing. Repeat winner of the international photo contest ”Press Photo of the Year”. International exhibitions showed his work over Europe and Amerika.

Latvian Photographers

Alnis Stakle
Was born in 1975 and lives and works in Latvia. He’s interested in the urban environment as a phenomenon, which in its very basis is the product of social experience. The existence of any city is based on the deepest basic needs of humans – to be in warmth, safety and among your own community. Today, however cities have become immeasurable agglomerations, in the social and architectonic structures of which humans have found not only shelter and safety, but also confusion, alienation and loneliness. Among his most significant exhibitions of recent years the following deserve mention – “Biežņa”, Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga, 2013, “Vienkāršs stāsts”, Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, Riga, 2012 and “Not Even Something”, the Art Centre “Bozar”, Brussels, 2012. This year he was announced as the winner of the fourth “Scopio International Photography Contest” (in Porto, Portugal), and the winner of several other competitions.
Aivars Liepiņš
Born in Riga, in 1953, in Kundziņsala. Since 1977 he has worked as a staff photographer in various printed publications, currently at the newspaper “Diena”. On several occasions he has been announced as the best press photographer in Latvia. In 1992 he was nominated for the “Fox Talbot” prize in Great Britain. Has been credited as the official photographer for many formal events and official state visits. While working for print media he has also worked works with personal photo projects. These projects have been implemented in several solo exhibitions, that have been exhibited in Latvia, as well as in galleries and museums in Europe and the United States. He is the author of one photo album and the co-author of many albums and illustrated editions. The author’s favourite subject is social photography, a subjective photo document. He has recently begun also working as a lecturer.
Andris Eglītis
Born in 1959, near Smiltene, in Grundzāle. He captures mostly nature: landscapes, close-ups, moods…. his passion and love are animals and birds. He is a self-taught photographer and has learnt through documentation of natural phenomena and processes. The best teacher has been “National Geographic” and similar editions. For many years he has worked in the magazines “Lauku Dzīve” (Rural life), “Latvijas Daba” (Nature of Latvia) and “Mežs” (Forrest), currently he is working for “Medības Makšķerēšana Daba” (Hunting, Fishing, Nature) and for children’s nature magazine “Zīlīte” (Tomtit). In 2006 has been awarded in the “Fujifilm” competition “Euro Press Professional Awards”, for the category “Wildlife” for his animal photo series “Izdzīvošanas likums” (Survival law). He has had eight solo exhibitions in Latvia and abroad.
Andris Kozlovskis
Andris Kozlovskis (1975) has been working in the field of Latvian press photography for more than 25 years, as a staff photographer for newspapers and magazines, as well as a photo editor and freelance photographer specializing in portrait and documental photography. He cooperates closely with the magazine “Rīgas Laiks”. Along with his practical work he teaches photography for academic audiences, as well as interest level participants. He currently manages a youth photo studio at the Children and Youth Centre “Riga Pupils Palace”. In 2004 has received the First Prize from the Russian Press Photo Annual Competition and in 2012 the Silver Prize of the International Tashkent Photo in the Biennale. He has participated in many group exhibitions, as well as organized solo exhibitions in Latvia, the Netherlands and Slovakia. Since 2012 he has been the official photographer of Fujifilm X-series in Latvia.
Andrejs Strokins
He learnt photography on Andrejs Grants courses and at master classes in the ISSP summer school. Since 2011 he has been actively working on personal projects and is holding exhibitions in Latvia, as well as abroad, including, in Turkey, France, Portugal and Iceland.
Ieva Salmane
The peculiar world vision of photographer, Ieva Salmane, has been celebrated in several exhibitions, as well as in glossy magazines from Latvia and outside its borders. What especially stands out is the artist’s ability to frame portraits, capturing nuances of momentary emotions and thus displaying the human nature with the help of the smallest details.
Mārtiņš Plūme
He’s been taken away by hunting and capturing feelings since 2003. He believes that he has found the depth of photography and his own path, while being together with powerful friends and photographers – by learning, trying, experimenting and by developing. He is aware of the fact that each moment can be felt even through a photo, regardless of its age.
Gints Ivuškāns
After more than five years of experience in Photo News Agency F64, he has fallen in love with reporting – capturing concerts, sports events and portraits. In a photo he most highly values the capturing of true, unrepeatable emotions, which makes the process of taking photos unique. HE has taken part in various exhibitions and competitions, and has received several awards, including “The Best Reportage Photo 2nd Runner Up”, “Baltic Portrait Photo Contest 2014, I Am Photographer Festival” in Tallinn.
Edijs Pālens
The official Photographer of national information agency LETA. He photos speak about her and she speaks through her photos. Winner of several competitions, including the annual award of the Latvian Union of Journalists “The Most Professional Journalist 2013” in the category “The Best Press Photo”.
Viesturs Koziols
25 years in photography. Visturs has done photography work for many Latvian printed andelectronic media. He has worked as photographer for a World Hockey championshipin Canada. His strongest points are portrait, photo story and aero photography (taken from helicopter and air balloon).
Ilmārs Znotiņš
Photographer with lots of choices. His childhood was filled with red light coming out of the bathroom in a multi - storey building (a place where regular people used to do washing or salt cucumbers), where his father did the photography prints. Photography is his way of life.
Gunārs Janaitis
Freelance photographer, working with the following basic styles: portrait, reporting, theatrrical photos, promotional photos, landscape and still life. Cooperates with Latvian theatres and Opera, advertising agencies, publishing houses and periodicals. His archive holds a significant portrait gallery of remarkable creative personalities, culture workers and social political persons, a chronicle of cultural life, as well as the Period of Awakening (1987-1991) he has created a voluminous emotional chronicle of events related to political social changes of historical and artistic value. He has received several dozens of international awards, has participated and created many large-scale photo exhibitions. He holds a lifetime grant from the Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia.
Jānis Saliņš
A 35 years old photographer, a self-employed master, he has been actively working with a camera in his hands for 17 years. He has gained experience in the regional newspaper, as well as later on in a photo agency in Riga. His major achievements include – first prize of the “Annual Award of Latvian Photography” in 2006 in the category of documental photography and Grand Prix in project category “Baltic Photo Contest 2012”. Participation in exhibitions: 2014. “Pilsēta pilsētā” (City within a City) in Riga Central Market, Latvia; 2012. “Velopolo spēlētāju portreti” (Portraits of Cycle Polo Players) in cafe MIIT, Latvia; 2011. Nominees Exhibition of “Diena” Annual Photography Award, Latvia; 2008. Exhibition of “Photo Festival Vilnius Photo Circle” participants, Lithuania.
Ojārs Jansons
Photography is just not till the end understood manipulations with differenttypes of fields. I have no dog. I am married 30 years now.